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A Written List of Attainable Goals

I've always kept lists in my sketchbook that are titled as "Shit Too Due" pages.  I find that these lists have been key to accomplishing my goals.  And that is what I will call my overarching goal - to write everything down.  Drill everything that I am trying to do into reality by writing it down and making it physical.  Something to cross out.  Make lists and check in and out with them at the beginning and end of each day.  


Immediate Goals:


  • Lower Expenses 

  •       - Find new housing

  •       - Move studio upstairs

  •       - Change Dog Food

  •       - Trim own hair / beard

  • Billboard 40 under 40

  • Consolidate debt to one low monthly payment in order to save on interest & finance charges and reduce the clutter of multiple payments increasing efficiency in daily business with a new foundation.

  • Continue to develop this framework of a business plan alongside Matthew Fritz

  • Finalize a 5 year business plan and initiate a legal partnership agreement with Matthew Fritz

  • Source an investment loan to match investment funds with Matthew Fritz into Artifact Concepts 2.0

  • Continue to decrease all expenses to absolute necessity; both personal and business

  • Hire a bookkeeper - get books caught up and file taxes

  • Retain a lawyer - Contract clients into annual agreements

  • Update "Branding" section of the AC website - add design / production examples 

  • Daily drawing - Choose from list of illustration ideas in iPhone

  • Recreate Calendars & Clear inbox

  • Stay true to these goals, but know when to pivot 


  • Work through task lists in Asana App for co-worker transparency

  • Complete most difficult task first - Eat That Frog

  • Balance Quickbooks transactions daily

  • Initiate task lists for Jasper - utilize him better for design projects

  • Web design 

  • Daily drawing

  • Exercise



  • Sunday evening inbox clearing and Asana tasks organization for week to come

  • Follow up on all outstanding communication before weeks end

  • Book and complete one design project each week

  • Produce at least one merch production order each week 

  • Eliminate unnecessary expenses


  • Repurpose budget monthly for changing needs

  • Client financial review / forecast

  • Billing sent by bookkeeper by the 7th of each month

  • Bill $1000 in design / branding projects

  • Archive the Google drive

  • Gain the attention of the Billboard 40 under 40


  • Travel for face time with each client, each quarter, strategically located to take meetings on behalf of the roster

  • P&L examination with bookkeeper

  • Partnership constructive criticism reviews

  • Investment reports and reviews