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Exit Plan

I just noticed last week that there are generally two types of exit sign; green and red ones.  Red for fire exits and green for regular ass exits.   Below are two exit strategies; one, a casual pat on the back exit...the other, a more catastrophic exit.   Here we will dictate the signs of the necessary employment of this exit.


If we found that we were not performing up to the goals that we set for ourselves we would look at being absorbed by Red Light Management, Madison House, or one of the other corporate management agencies.  This is just one reason why it is so important to invest in an entertainment lawyer get our clients under annual contract.


Sell Off:

I'm not quite sure what this would mean yet, except that Matthew & I would decide that the business was not working according to the goals that we set for ourselves and then split off assets according to the by-laws set up in our partnership agreement.  Lot's of hard discussions to be had there.