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5 Plans

5 Plans...wow.  Gonna take me some minutes to come up with 5 business plans...certainly more than 48 hours worth anyway.  In the meantime, how about 5 parts of a grand vision of the plan that's currently in action for Artifact Concepts.   These are the elements that work in conjunction with one another to service the different revenue streams of the artists that we represent.  



  • Management revenue is our primary revenue stream.  The systems are in place and moving, actively creating income.   On the management side of our artists career end we are facilitators...executive directors of that career.  



  • Every band needs an brand, an image, a logo, as well as promotional materials and merchandise products to grow the value of that brand. We have all the tools necessary and 15 years experience to develop the perfect branding package for our clients.  

  • This is the side of the business that needs investment support to thrive once again.  It can easily grow, but will always be our a bi-product of the quality of work we present on the management side.



  • Continue to produce virtual reality apps as a music video format for Artifact clients.  (example: The Vanishing Point)

  • The FlatFyle app is still something that could be developed as a source for passive income.


  • Design is generally a bi-product of Branding.

  • Goal of $1000 of design billing a week

  • Implement Jasper (intern) on design projects

  • Design is a skill to fall back on for income, should an exit strategy need to be employed. 



  • Painting is also a bi-product of Branding 

  • Painting is a skill to fall back on for income, should there be a lull in other revenue streams income.

  • Just like his father, a good son also has his dreams